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Lonely Planet’s book is much more than just a resource directory.

Since it started working in 2005 it has helped over 3,500 kids.

They require a 6 to 12 month commitment from volunteers.

Pepy Ride – Its full name is Promoting Education, em Powering Youth.

They believe that education is the only way to sustainable change.

Burma Volunteer Program – BVP is an organization that Works with other organizations in Thailand that are looking for volunteers.

They try to place volunteers with the organization that can do a better use of their skills and knowledge.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes – The vision of Sarah’s Covenant Homes is to provide children the next best thing to a traditional home.

They appreciate people that can help them with fundraising and working with children.

Heeals – Its name is taken after their main objectives: “Health Education Environment and Livelihood Society”.

They have opportunities for volunteers, internships, gap year and even online volunteer.

Heeals works with local and international volunteers/interns, and always welcomes support.